Below you'll find clarity, and hopefully a smile or two.


Home base is AUSTIN, TEXAS. However, we travel all over the world to produce videos for our clients. We welcome clients from all places and will coordinate travel to ensure the work is done correctly. Distance is no match for inspiration.


Step 1:
We make contact with a client and talk about their story.

We understand and refine their idea in order to distill it into the most effective form.

We discuss what deliverable video options there are (ads, landing page videos, social media content, etc.) and discuss what their budget is and ideal release timeline.


Step 2: We schedule principal photography and begin the production process.

This is a collaborative effort and we want all parties involved to have their voice heard and their ideas featured in the final product.

Most shoots take 1-3 days to complete.

We offer a full-service team of professionals (director, lighting technician, audio engineer, etc.) when required, and most shoots can be completed by one of us.

Our workflow is simplified and effective and can vastly reduce costs for our clients when only one team member is required.


Step 3: The footage is compiled and edited in a timely manner.

While we do not offer an endless revision period, we will accommodate any changes you request and have an open dialogue about the project as it nears completion.

Our belief is that too much editing can end up being ineffective and detrimental to the project in the end. Trusting our intuition and going with what feels good has shown itself as the right way, in our experience.


Step 4: The final products are delivered in the highest quality possible, and mobile renders are provided if the videos are being uploaded to places like Facebook or Instagram.

At this point, we say our farewells even though 98% of our customers return for more projects in the future.

So it’s not goodbye, it’s see you later.


We prefer not to.

However, sometimes a project comes to us with most of the footage already captured and offering our editing expertise is the best thing for the project. We have open hearts and want to help people get their message out there.

If you feel you have incredible footage but don’t know how to assemble it, just ask and we’ll see what we can do.


Little Tooth is our CEO’s dog’s middle name.

He had a small snaggle-tooth as a puppy and his dad would say, “Show me your lil toof!” while they played together and it just stuck.

Now there’s a growing and thriving business named after a dog’s middle name.

His name is Coda and he is a very good boy.