What exactly does Little Tooth Creative offer?


  • $1,499 - $2,499 per video.

  • 1-2 minutes per video.

  • 2+ videos shot in one day / one location.

  • Includes post-production, editing, music, text, & distribution.

  • Designed to create multiple short ads, instructional videos, or social media content pieces.

  • This option is for when you want us to handle most of the details and make something dope for you.




  • $2,997 - $9,997 per video.

  • 2-10 minutes per video.

  • Full-service promotional video production.

  • Designed to fully tell your story & optimize your ads, website, & content.

  • Includes audio recording, all post-production services, a collaborative revision process & distribution.

  • This option is for when you have a clear vision for your content and want professionals to bring it to life.




  • $9,999+ per video.

  • No limit on video length.

  • Full-service custom video production.

  • Budgeted to include rentals, salaries, & travel costs. 

  • Designed to accommodate a full-crew, multiple day shooting schedule, & a detailed post-production process.

  • This option is tailored for music videos, documentaries, & customizable content that takes your business or brand to the highest level.

  • If you have a vast and powerful idea, we will help you realize it to its fullest potential with this option.